We have a walker!!!!

She’s found her feet and nothing’s stopping her now. Frankie took her first steps in good old London Town as we stopped for a rest in one of the parks. Don’t think she quite realised what she was doing as she stumbled from one foot to the other but we are claiming that one. Done deal. On our return home with the help of some phone coaxing to get her to come to us we got more steps. Now it’s just a natural thing to her as she toddles her way around the house finding every single place to explore.

  Her new favourite place is the kitchen otherwise known as the death trap to babies. Child locks are on, cheap pans are on the bottom, recycling bags are hung and dog bowl is a serve dog when I see you in kitchen process now. 

The one thing we’ve found now is toys appear in random places now as she finds new ways to explore the house

Poor Mrs Rawr



Baby on the move


It’s time to start Baby proofing! Our Frankie is on the verge of walking she just needs that confidence to step off on her own. Every surface had become a guide around the house as she figures out a path of shimmying along the couches through the living room, along the hallway walls to reach the office. 

As a parent of an almost toddler you become aware of every potential hazard around the room this has included being on all fours to scope out the room of what can be pulled off any reachable surface. Any ornament or decorative item has been cleared away into a drawer away from grabby little hands. 

We are super excited for franks to take that first step but know it’s gonna ramp up the parent game as we will be watching her like a hawk attempting various missions around the house. 

Singing Works!

Frankie is a traveller (of sorts) Nearly every day she has to be out an about as we head to the studio or photo shoots so sitting in her car seat is a standard daily event for her. As a newborn there was never an issue of going in her chair and getting buckled up, but as she has started to be more observant and eager to be moving around the car seat is her enemy. Being strapped in, in a confined space is not Frankie’s idea of fun. How to get past this – SINGING! Being the phenomenal singer that I am (in my head at least) Frankie seems to find it entertaining when I sing to her as we carry out the boring chores of changing nappies, putting on jammies and now getting in the car seat.
Now I don’t like to class myself as a musical genius but as a mum it seems I am able to create entertaining and highly intricate songs at least to Frankie to calm her down as she goes into her car seat.

So the car seat song goes a little like this

‘Frankalaylie sitting in her chair, Frankalaylie sitting in her chair, and she’s gonna have fun, sat on her bum, Frankalaylie, sitting in her chair’ And repeat until she is strapped in with a smile on her face.


Weaning and Reading

We have started slowly on getting Frankie tasting big girl foods. The joys of this is she literally takes 2 mouthfuls and then has had enough hence the leftovers. Luckily the apple and banana pudding is delicious so it doesn’t totally go to waste.


Me and the Mr are big fans of reading to Frankie and making sure she has a full library as she grows up so she can have a wild imagination and creativity. The thing with reading to a 4 month old is she can sometimes get a bit fidgety half way through the best bits and so there are many books left open in order to carry on the story later.


Ahhwooooshhka Baby

No doubt when Frankie starts to talk she will come out with some really funny stuff, if she’s anything like me then it is guaranteed after some of the dumb things I say.
Until then it seems Me and Daddy come up with some interesting sayings. Our main one at the moment is something we seemed to have made up. Frankie is a bit of a daredevil and loves been thrown in the air and flying around to which we must accompany this with the call of ‘Ahhhwooooshka Baby!’ Think this has come from a combination of wooshing noises but you know we’re cool so we made our own word up instead.


What’s this all about?

August 31st 2014 my whole life changed when baby Frankie entered the world. Since then she has become my whole life. As a photographer I obviously love to document her life in different ways. So far there has been the Friday Frankie updates on Facebook, the 2015 Calendar made as Christmas presents, emails sent to her own account for her to read when she is 18 which feature events in her life, things that have happened in ours, what is happening in the world today so she can recall all the years of her life via emails and countless photos printed for scrapbooks and photo keepsake box. So I wanted to also do something different, something that is a bit more creative on the photography front and expresses how a life changes once the baby arrives.

No longer is your house tidy, no longer are normal conversations carried out and all this is the fun and games of starting a family.

Inspired by two blogs – Kids Were Here and Spaghetti Toes I wanted to create my own versions of these to document our life with Frankie. So on that note here we go :-